The Paroli system is a game system with positive progression in which you double your stake if you win and start over if you lose. We explain how to use it and how to use the Paroli system to increase your profits.

The term Paroli is also known to people who do not deal with the topic of gambling. There is a saying: “Stand up to someone”. According to Duden, it means “having to oppose something equally strong to someone or something, and thus to put a stop to it, to offer effective resistance; originally in the card game doubling the stake ”.

The name Paroli has its origins in the “Pharo” card game. After each win, the corner of a card was bent open to indicate that the player waived the payout and would like to use the win again. That is why one rarely hears the saying “Bend up against someone” (instead of bidding). The Paroli system developed out of this waiver of profit.

Paroli As A Game System

Paroli is a game system with positive progression.

If you win, you double the stake and if you lose, you start over.

Paroli is also known as reverse martingale, as it is exactly the opposite of the martingale system.

The Paroli system is most often used in roulette, but it can also be used as a betting strategy in blackjack and when playing slot machines.

Most players who play according to the Paroli system set themselves a limit at the beginning of how often they want to go Paroli. A double or triple paroli is common.

How Is The Paroli System Played?

Before using the Paroli system, it is important to inform the croupier (in live casinos or stationary casinos) that you want to play Paroli and how often.

Let’s go through a Paroli series using a specific example in roulette: A player wants to play a double Paroli on the single chance of “Black”. In roulette, 18 numbers mean a win and 18 numbers mean a loss. At zero, the stake is either blocked or the stake is lost – how you proceed here depends on the roulette variant or the specific rules in the casino.

The player now wants to bet 5 euros on black. If he wins, he puts the stake and profit back on black. This means that the stake is doubled and the player now bets 10 euros. If he wins again, he has won 10 euros and can now bet 20 euros again (stake from the preliminary round plus profit). If the player sticks to his decision to play a double paroli, he would start the system all over again with 5 euros after a win in the next round.

If the player lost after the second round, he would only have lost his original stake of 5 euros, the other stakes came from the bank, so to speak. That is why they say that with the Paroli system you can “stand up to the bank”. Therefore, losses with the Paroli system are easier to cope with.